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When You Join Solar Exquisite,
You'll be able to advertise your company through

Google Advertising

  • Optimising and managing campaigns
  • Remarking boosting conversation rates
  • Marketing Analytics
  • ​Audience segmentation & Targeting

    Facebook Advertising

    • Optimising and managing campaigns 
    • ​Building Lookalike Audiences
    • ​Marketing API integration
    • ​Retargeting
    • ​Pixel setup

    LinkedIn Advertising

    •  Optimising and managing campaigns
    • ​Ad personalised to your target Audience
    • ​Increasing Conversion Rates

    Our dedicated 
    Ad Experts 

    We first study your audience to deeply understand their interests, behaviors, motivators and emotional drivers.

    Based on this data we work on your messaging by coming up with the best angles and hooks to use on your advertising campaigns.

    We then find the best interests and keywords to target on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn in order to reach your exact target audience.

    Once that's done, we launch your advertising campaign with said assets and deploy our proprietary camapign strategy to ensure you get the best result out of every dollar that you invest. Our expert media buying team will managed the ad buys for your business on all platforms of your desire.

    Paid Advertising
    Ads, Just Ads.

    We do one thing... Ads - we just do it with a monastic focus and better than anyone else. If you want an agency that offers a full service solution of everything that won’t move the needle forward, we’re not for you.

    If you want an agency where with two clicks, you can get a clear breakdown of how much was spent, how much was made & what your net profit was - we’re for you. 

    $5.31 Average CPM

    $200k Monthly Ad Spend

    5.6x Average ROI

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